“To Future Clients of Donnelly & Donnelly:

It has been my pleasure to have retained D & D to handle the estate sale of my mother's personal property. They were courteous when they came to check out her personal items, and didn't make me feel inferior because the items were not high end. All during the set-up time, when I happened to be there, they were pleasant, easy to work with, and answered all my questions with knowledge.

During the sale, the couple of times that I was there, Cathie, Murphy and her staff were professional, helpful and made every sale special to those who purchased their items.

I also engaged them for the clean up after the sale. It was done efficiently and with speed, but not sloppy. When they were finished, the house was declared by real estate agent that it was presentable for sale, without me having to do anything else.

I am extremely pleased with the job that was done, and would highly recommend the for your future needs.”

-D. Rochon

“I have enjoyed sales held by Donnelly and Donnelly Estate Sales for years. There is a distinct difference between estate sales that makes some enjoyable, and others frustrating. This was illustrated recently at a sale in Seattle. When checking out, there was confusion about payment and the change returned, due to the addition of another item. During the whole incident Cathie was patient and calm, and continued to focus on what needed to be done. It is a pleasure shopping at Donnelly and Donnelly sales, where it is clear that customer service is a priority. Thank you!”

-Berrie M.

“I decided to sell the house on Queen Anne that I had lived in for nearly 30 years and which I had managed to fill up with 30 years worth of stuff. I'm not a hoarder, but I had way more junk than I knew how to get rid of. I did not want to personally use Craigslist or be otherwise directly involved, so I called Donnelly & Donnelly at the suggestion of my realtor. Cathie and Murphy answered my call promptly and although they were quite busy took the time to come over and tell me how to get ready for the sale. They told me to not waste any time trying to organize things, that they would do that after I had removed the things I intended to take with me.

After I moved out the stuff (mostly furniture) that I was going to keep, they came, sorted, organized, and priced everything, and over a weekend sold off a good amount, which included a lot of books, kitchen supplies, some furniture, a variety of tools, and just a whole bunch of miscellaneous stuff. The terms of the agreement were clear, and they promptly gave me a statement and paid me my share.

Of even greater importance, for an extra fee, Murphy and a crew will remove for you everything that didn't sell. Some of it they give to charities, and return the receipt to you so you can claim the tax deduction. I had a lot of stuff that wasn't sellable, for a variety of reasons, but when they were done the day after the weekend estate sale, the house was completely bare and ready for the cleaners.

By doing the sale in a professional manner and then ridding me of all the stuff that didn't sell, Donnelly & Donnelly removed most of the stress normally attendant to a move after so many years in the same place. I would have considered it a deal even if I hadn't made a penny off the sale, but in fact I made nearly twice what it cost me to hire movers to take my stuff to Whidbey Island.

I would highly recommend Donnelly & Donnelly to anyone facing the same situation I was facing. Moving is stressful enough without having to handle getting rid of things yourself. They make it much less so, and you get some money to boot. That's hard to beat.”

-John C.

“My mother recently passed, and we used Donnelly and Donnelly Estate Sales to empty out her townhouse. I am comfortable recommending Donnelly and Donnelly to anyone else needing to empty a household. Cathie and Murphy were expert, professional, and reliable. Cathie made it very clear from the outset what we could expect from them, and they delivered fully on that commitment.”

-Berrie M.

“I used Donnelly and Donnelly to clean out my aunt's home last summer and found working with them to be easy and fun. They were very helpful in determining what would and would not sell at an Estate Sale. The pricing and presentation was set-up to sell as much as possible. I did not get a sense that it was cluttered or items were in areas that made no sense. Cathie even advised me of items that would be better sold via eBay.

There were a number of items that were missing keys and Murphy was able to open them up. I felt they were very honest and trustworthy since the items they opened up contained currency.

They also advised me how to sell items that did not sell at the estate sale. This was useful information.

Cathie and Murphy are a great team. I would hire them again for an estate sale. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that needed to deal with downsizing and/or selling off an estate.”

-Cheryl L.

“I can recommend Donnelly Estate Sales very highly. I hired them when my aunt moved into Assisted Living and her house was going up for sale. Cathie and Murphy responded promptly and met with me at my convenience as I live a good distance away. They did a fair and accurate evaluation of my aunt’s accumulation of over fifty years, including many antique items and collectibles from Scandinavia and the Philippines. They organized, priced and displayed the items professionally. Over the two days of the sale, they and their staff welcomed customers and treated everyone in a friendly manner and with respect. When the sale was completed, they did a fantastic job cleaning up, donating unsold items and hauling trash away. I couldn’t have asked for better service. They helped me immensely in a very trying and stressful time.”

-Sidsel T.

“I met Cathie and Murphy in late October and we agreed to a quick estate sale within approximately 3 weeks.Mom had moved to senior care, and we needed to get the house ready for sale. The Tomlinsons were very professional and efficient, as well as being kind and understanding of someone like me who knew nothing of the process. I was out of town for the sale, and when I returned was amazed by the fact that there was NOTHING left in the house! Fortunately, I had removed the things that were special to Mom and to me before the sale, and so, with a bit of cleaning, painting and patching, the house will be ready to be put on the market soon. My thanks to Cathie and Murphy for their fast and excellent work. I would recommend them to anyone who is in need of estate sale services."

-Elana R.

“Hello, I was at your Magnolia sale this morning and just wanted to say thank you for putting on such a fantastic estate sale! The displays, the items themselves and of course the pricing were all fantastic. It was such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, quite different than the other estate sales I've been to (some can be so tense). I'm looking forward to your next one! Thanks again.”


“Hi Cathie & Murphy I wanted to thank both of you for the wonderful job you did in organizing, preparing, selling and cleaning up my folks' home for the recent estate/moving sale. You two are the very best. When you guys said just leave it all alone, we will take care of everything I thought "yeah, right"! But, in fact you did! Murphy, you did in a few days what would have taken me weeks to do and even then I would still have a mess. You went through everything; organizing it and tossing out loads and loads of junk in preparation for the sale. In the end as difficult and overwhelming as it was to my father and I selling everything from the home he built and I grew up in you worked your magic and the sale went well. Many thanks! We have a close friend who will be requesting your services in the very near future. BTW, I would be honored to give a glowing reference to anyone with questions about our experience with Donnelly & Donnelly. You are the best!!!”

-Tim Pearson

“It was a wonderful experience working with D&D. Cathie and Murphy were a joy to have at a time where so much was in flux. All the worries of having an estate sale were set to rest with their professional and calm demeanor and business acumen. The pricing was fair and honest and I could not have been more satisfied and would unabashedly recommend D&D for any and all estate sale needs.”

-Greg Pease

“Cathie and Murphy far exceeded my expectations. I interviewed several Estate Sales companies prior to selecting Donnelly and Donnelly to sale the contents of my Mother in Laws home. Donnelly and Donnelly were selected because during the interview they displayed an excellent knowledge of the value of the homes contents and their remuneration was based upon performance rather than a set minimum amount. They are a fantastic team and did not disappoint. Murphy packaged the garbage for me while finding, organizing and pricing valuables in the basement which had not been seen for years. Cathie organized the rest of the house. Items were priced based on their true market value. The sale resulted in significantly more than I expected. If you need a team you can trust to help you with an estate sale which will maximize your return Cathie and Murphy should be your choice.”

-Bill Lee

“As the executor of an estate, I researched companies that could appraise and conduct the sale of personal property. After interviews with several people, I selected Cathie and Murphy Tomlinson of Donnelly & Donnelly in Seattle, and I am glad that I did. They assisted me in various ways with the assets and the estate sale was a success. Cathie and Murphy were professional, knowledgeable and reliable, but also, more importantly to me, down-to-earth and friendly. It was a pleasure to work with them. I recommend their services to others handling estates or other personal property appraisals and issues.”

-Bob Sifferman (Attorney)

“We were so happy to find you to do our recent estate sale. We felt completely at ease turning every detail over to you. We could never have realized as much money as you got for us. You knew how to price everything properly. Thank you for great service.”

-Leon and Ruby Holman

“I was so impressed by Donnelly & Donnelly! They were quick and efficient and a pleasure to work with. I couldn't believe how fast they got my mother's house ready for the sale, and how much sold. They also did a great job cleaning out the house afterwards. My sister and I were incredibly relieved that we didn't have to empty out the house ourselves. With D&D, you will get friendly, reliable service, and be glad you called them. I definitely am. I strongly recommend Donnelly & Donnelly to anyone who would like to have an estate sale. Mom's house sold on the second day of being on the market. So we are completely done with the house. Thanks again for being so amazing!”

-Diane Henry

“I have hired Cathie Tomlinson as both an estate appraiser and to manage estate sales numerous times. Not only have I had excellent results, but the Judge in one case commented how thorough and well done the appraisal was.”

-Michael E Keller (Attorney)

“I have used Cathie Tomlinson and her team to settle an estate in the disposition of its eclectic personal property, which Cathie accurately indentified and sold, and for the disposition of a decedent's collection of jewelry. I have been very satisfied with Cathie's work and do not hesitate to recommend her to others.”

-Gary Bergquist (Attorney)

“Cathie, I wanted to thank you very much for the excellent work you did for us in February. You set up, arranged and priced a great quantity of items in short order. You took care of the advertising and the sale with precision. Then you cleaned up in the entire house, basement and yard, and donated or disposed of the remainder. We were very happy with the result and the amount you brought in."

-Chuck Cox

“I have referred Cathie and Murphy to many of my clients over the years. They are personable, trustworthy, fast and efficient. I never worry about a thing when I know they are taking care of the sale and emptying out afterward. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs an estate sale. It's the smart thing to do, as many families are completely overwhelmed.”

-Bonnie Ellsworth (Associate Broker Windermere/Ballard)

“As a real estate agent, I have recommended Cathie for several different estates that had mega items to organize. So very often people have collected all kinds of items over the years and when they pass, they leave the families with a lot of beautiful things, and some not so beautiful. Cathie and her team organize these items so beautifully and carry out the sale with seemingly ease. She knows the value of items that she puts on web sites to gain true value for the families. She has been a good source for me to refer to clients and know the job will be handled with respect and ease.”

-Jan Slawson (Windermere Real Estate/Wall St., Inc.)